Styling Magazine by Coty Farquhar
Styling Magazine by Coty Farquhar
Styling Magazine by Coty Farquhar

Coty Farquhar is a professional creative director, visual decorator, and photographic stylist whose career began and grew within the Australian Vogue Stable of Magazines, Vogue Living, Vogue Entertaining Guide and Vogue Children, her magazine career culminating in Sydney as Fashion Editor & Beauty Editor of New Woman Magazine. With a passion for the visual arts, particularly photography, Coty carries with her more than 35 years experience

in journalism, styling, & design. Coty lives in Bowral, in The Southern Highlands of NSW with her husband, cabinetmaker  & antique restorer Andrew Farquhar, where they operate their furniture business, Farquhar's Furniture. Andrew has trained hundreds of cabinetmakers and his extraordinary work is housed in many famous homes.  

Coty has the rare and unique combination of journalistic experience, media, visual art and marketing in the fashion, food & wine, interiors, theatre and event industries. Coty has styled and photographed for many books, magazines, websites & advertising campaigns 


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