Styling Magazine by Coty Farquhar

Coty Farquhar, founder of Styling Magazine, is a professional creative and artistic director, visual decorator, award winning costume designer and photographic stylist whose career began and blossomed within the Vogue Australia stable of magazines, specifically Vogue Living, Vogue Entertaining Guide and Vogue Children, then as Fashion Editor & Beauty Editor of New Woman Magazine, Murdoch Magazines.

With a passion for the visual arts, particularly photography, Coty carries with her more than 38 years working in magazines, styling & design. Coty lives in Bowral in The Southern Highlands of NSW with her husband, cabinetmaker & antique restorer Andrew Farquhar of Farquhar's Makers and Restorers of Fine Furniture and their two children, Thomas and Rebecca, who both run their own creative businesses in the Southern Highlands.


Styling Magazine by Coty Farquhar is a unique magazine that explores the universe of the creative mind. Each issue celebrates a theme that brings forward authentic emotions, fascination, passion and creative stories. Styling Magazine is about creativity, mindfulness and the beauty of the world. 

Styling Magazine stories fascinate, inspire & empower readers to live a creative life.  Styling Magazine celebrates and promotes creativity and encourages its readers to dive into their own creativity through the inspirational photography, stories and ideas that we present.  Styling is simply another word for creative expression, it is a reflection of our personality – our tastes, our own power of observation, our cultural upbringing, and our talent for originality. Styling emerges from the innate human compulsion to create, compose, and express our inner thoughts and ideas.


"Styling Magazine is designed as an e-magazine for the global market. Our original Styling Magazine website/blog and the magazine have been read by millions worldwide. I know that our readers are inspired by our stories and by the content we provide, because, they tell us so! The most rewarding thing for me is that our readers just keep coming back."  Coty Farquhar

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Styling Magazine by Coty Farquhar
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Andrew Farquhar is a designer, maker and restorer of traditional furniture whose motto is ‘quality first and always’. After training as a cabinet-maker, in the 1980s he employed 22 people in his Sydney Farquhar’s factory specialising in individual commissions and restoration. Thirty years ago Andrew and Coty moved to the Southern Highlands of NSW, Australia to bring up their children and work in a more relaxed environment. Andrew has created commissioned pieces – both custom-made new designs and reproductions – for major public buildings and private homes in Australia. He loves the diversity and challenges that they bring, as well as the opportunity to work collaboratively with clients and to have them participate in the creative process. Andrew believes in lifelong learning and happily shares his valuable skills with apprentices and students. Andrew has trained hundreds of cabinemakers and his extraordinary work is housed in many famous homes.  

Styling Magazine by Coty Farquhar