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We welcome you to our classes in our studio. We ask that you please take note of the following fine print and the terms and conditions that apply to our classes at Retford Park 2022.


  • We reserve the right to cancel or amend the dates for all classes.

  • You will receive a PDF attached within your receipt once you purchase your ticket/s, with confirmation of your spot, the details of the class, arrival time, address & location of studio, and all other details and information.

  • If you are unable to attend our class, we ask that you please give us 7 days’ notice so we can re-fill your spot.  Refunds are not available. We will endeavour to find you another date and class acceptable to you.

  • We have a minimum number of students to run a class, if these classes are not filled, we will contact as soon as possible, to set another date. If this is not suitable for you, you will be offered a refund.

  • The classes are held in one of the rooms in our private office studio. We ask that you do not take photographs of our other office space or record our classes without our written permission. We especially ask that all photographs of “our private office space” ie: our desks, are not to be shared on social media with our written consent.

  • We ask that you also respect the privacy of other students in the class and to please check with them for their permission before sharing images of them onto social media.

  • All care is taken for the safety precautions whilst our classes are in progress.  We will take care that all activities in the studio and the walks around the garden are safe for everyone. When walking the country garden, we ask that you do wear appropriate footwear.  Walking across uneven paved grounds, gravel pathways can sometimes be slippery when wet.  We will not walk when the weather bad, or too hot or any other things that might arise.

  • Children and babies cannot be brought to our working classes.

  • Some of the classes include a group walk around the gardens at Retford Park with us. If you would like to walk the gardens separately at another time a fee will be charged by the National Trust of NSW.

  • This business is owned and operated by Coty Farquhar and Rebecca Farquhar. Our business is committed to protecting your privacy. Your personal details will never be shared with a third party. All private personal details will be deleted in accordance with the Privacy and Personal Information Protect Act 1998.

  • We will send you occasionally our newsletters and updates regarding future classes.  You can at any time contact our office to be removed from this mailing list.

  • Health & Safety - Covid-19 - Do not enter the property and studio if you have been unwell with Covid symptoms in the past 14 days. - Adhere to all government health orders.

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