One of the maxims during the conception of Styling Magazine was to capture the beauty of all the things that are dear to us. Behind every beautiful design, behind every object or artwork, behind every designer and artist, there lives a spiritual source of creative energy that we believe, comes from deep within our soul connection to the original source of the Divine. We believe in the Power of Creativity.  It is something that we can all tap into daily by looking deep into our own soul purpose. We believe that this creative energy is at easy reach for every single person, it's simply learning how to stop, quieten your mind and tap into it! Then the creativity starts flowing...  


At Styling Magazine, we go in search each day for the purest source of inspiration and creativity so that we can share this with you. We admire and aspire to the creative DNA of the artisan, the master craftsman, the designer and the artist...whose skills & ideas continue to take our breath away!


We also believe  that beautiful surroundings and beautiful objects make you feel beautiful! And, that from this beautiful energy continues to flow on and on through people. We know, that this energy even flows through the Internet… yes, this happens often, and it’s completely contagious!


Styling Magazine was designed as an e-magazine for the global market and we are so proud that it is read and subscribed to by hundreds of thousands of men and women worldwide. We endeavor to fill each page of Styling Magazine with rich and beautiful inspiring stories. We know that our readers are inspired by the unique content that we provide, because, they tell us! And, we know they stay and visit with us 'on our website " just that little bit longer than they might on other sites.


The most rewarding aspect of creating Styling Magazine is (and has always been) that our wonderful readers and friends just keep coming back to us! Thank you, thank you for being here today and reading this. We hope that you enjoy Styling, 'The Power Of Creativity' 


Below are the first 25 issues of  Styling Series 1, and we are excited to announce that Series N0.2 of Styling will be released soon.


Creative Director of Styling Magazine, Coty Farquhar





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