Styling Magazine 

Styling Magazine is a unique magazine that explores the universe of the creative mind and the creative soul. Each issue celebrates a theme that brings forward authentic emotions, fascination, passion and stories that inspire. 

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"I love L...O...V...E... the magazine...

I want to step into the pages, see everything, smell everything and touch everything...then take all back with me..... like no other magazine... how rare and how wonderful

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Styling Magazine by Coty Farquhar Austra

That is by far the most beautiful online magazine

in the entire world. Colleen Taylor



Your magazine is absolutely magnificent. You are unique & a complete inspiration to so many of us. I am in South Africa and adore your work. Margaret Melville Hugo




Our mouths have dropped to the floor. We have never seen a publication like this. The entire publication is jaw-dropping from start to end and harks back to the greats of vintage vogue where you got the real deal. Completely spellbound! I think this should become a coffee table book. I for one would be delighted to buy it. It’s that magnificent. We can’t thank you enough for this incredible exposure. We have already had an enquiry from New York.

Caryn - Coast & Koi South Africa

Coty’s energy and passion for the beauty around her never ceases to amaze me, it has been an honour to get to know her through this blogging world. I do believe that Coty Farquhar has surpassed herself this month, with her new and totally stunning issue of Styling magazine.

Sharon Santoni, My French Country Home

Coty Farquhar’s Styling magazine this month is even more beautiful than ever…don’t miss it… Vicki Archer

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