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Coty has journeyed through four decades capturing and creating an extraordinary collection of creative stories. 

Creative Director - Photographic Stylist - Interior Designer & Decorator 

Food & Wine Stylist - Fashion Stylist - Interior Stylist

 Vogue Living - Vogue Entertaining Guide - Vogue Children - Editorial Team

Fashion Editor & Beauty Editor - New Woman Magazine Magazine Publisher

Founder & Creative Director of Styling Magazine Australia

  Bachelor of Visual Artist (Alexander Mackie College, Sydney)

Professional Photographer

Director/Owner of Farquhars' Furniture, Bowral

  Makers & Restorers of Traditional Furniture

Atelier - Workshop - Furniture Design - Fine Arts


 Event Designer - Weddings - Corporate Events

Art Events Curator & Designer

Retailer - Vintage - Fashion - Antiques 

Moss Vale Studio & Dirty Janes Emporium, Bowral (Shops Closed - Now Online)

Costume Designer & Maker– Theatre Set Designer

Coty Farquhar is a professional creative director, visual decorator, and photographic stylist, and the founder and creator of Styling Magazine, Australia. Her career flourished over many years within the Australian Vogue Stable of Magazines, including Vogue Living, Vogue Entertaining Guide, and Vogue Children. Her magazine career culminated in Sydney as Fashion Editor & Beauty Editor of New Woman Magazine. With a passion for the visual arts, particularly photography, Coty brings more than 40 years of experience to her craft.

Coty joined the Farquhar Furniture workshop over 30 years ago when she met and married Andrew. Her background in design and styling breathed new life into the business, and she was the driving force behind the very first Farquhar showroom in Bowral. She meticulously designed and styled all the major events that the Farquhars attended, including Hermes Paris, showjumping events, and Southern Highlands Art shows. Coty led the photography and marketing efforts for the furniture, sharing the daily life of the artisan business. "It's a family business, after all; you add your skills the best way you can," says Coty.

Her aim was to convey the ambiance and life of a workshop, which truly is a remarkable place where rare and traditional skills are still employed daily. Moreover, the arrival of magnificent 17th, 18th, and 19th-century antique furniture, sumptuously beautiful textiles, and decorative arts for restoration or conservation is an exhilarating experience. Coty incorporated unexpected elements into the displays and settings in the showrooms, including eclectic objects, oversized timber bowls filled with intriguing sawdust, a wall adorned with samples of carvings and furniture hardware, as well as various items collected throughout the day, such as timber offcuts and interesting curls of wood left from a spoke-shave job, along with exquisite hand-painted finish samples. "These items would typically end up in the bin. I consider them magical elements; they tell the real story of the workshop. It's always wonderful to witness the customers' reactions when they come in and catch the aroma of freshly worked timbers, and a polished piece of furniture is simply amazing."

Coty feels entirely at home in her own studio in Bowral and is seldom without her camera.  She has styled and photographed for numerous books, well-known magazines, and Australian brands. Additionally, she has designed events, home interiors, and websites for her clients, showcasing her professional styling expertise across fashion, interiors, events, and even food styling. Furthermore, 

Coty has lived in Bowral in The Southern Highlands of NSW for the past 30 years. Her two children, Thomas and Rebecca, each manage their own creative businesses in the Southern Highlands, adding to the family's creative tapestry.


"I am immersed in the need to create every moment of every day...even in the moments of rest. With complete adoration for history... the history of all past artisans, artists and designers who have come before me and who endlessly inspire me.
My work is a passion, not a job." Coty Farquhar

 Coty Farquhar - in her studio at Retford Park, Bowral 2023


"I wholeheartedly welcome creativity in all its diverse expressions, and it's my joy to generously share my knowledge with those dear to me. My upbringing was immersed in a milieu of beauty. I hold vivid memories of the numerous creatives who graciously guided me into their enchanting artistic realms. Perhaps, in my youth, they discerned a spark within me. Remaining impervious to passing fads, a pivotal aspect of my role is to craft, design, and forge new trends and concepts that become aspirations for others, ultimately finding a place in their own lives.

Styling Magazine was designed as an e-magazine for the global market. Our original Styling Magazine website/blog and the magazine have been read by millions worldwide. I know that our readers are inspired by our stories and by the content we provide, because, they tell us so! The most rewarding aspect for me is that our readers just keep coming back."  
Coty Farquhar

You can experience a glimpse of our creative working world with Issue No.31,
(just below) where we showcase our private studio at Retford Park alongside our 30-year-old furniture and restoration workshop/atelier in Bowral, nestled in the picturesque Southern Highlands of NSW.


"Coty Farquhar, I hope you realize what an inspiration you are, xo!"

 Brooke Giannetti,

Patina Farm -  Patina Homes - Patina Style - Velvet & Linen

Sharon Santoni, My French Country Home Magazine

"Coty’s energy and passion for the beauty around her never ceases to amaze me,

it has been an honour to get to know her through this blogging world. I do believe

that Coty Farquhar has surpassed herself this month, with her new and

totally stunning issue of Styling magazine."

Hello Darling Coty,

Every time I go through a new issue of your magazine, I think to myself .'This is her best work yet'. And yet you change my mind with your next one.

As always this is absolutely beautiful. I feel inspired, rejuvenated and so happy going through the incredible work of these artists put together skillfully by you. Wow! The Flying tableware was my favourite and if only I could wear one of Emma's dress paintings.

There is beauty in everything but how many are able to capture it like you do!

Sonali Ghosh - Sugar et al

"That is by far the most beautiful online magazine in the entire world"  

Colleen Taylor





"Thank you Coty, You really do curate the most beautiful magazine. 

 I’ll make sure I make some time to come and visit in your creative hideaway."

Jane Crowley - Dirty Janes Emporium, Bowral, Southern Highlands

"Your magazine is absolutely magnificent. You are unique & a complete inspiration to so many of us. I am in South Africa and adore your work."

 Margaret Melville Hugo

Caryn - Coast & Koi South Africa

"Our mouths have dropped to the floor. We have never seen a publication like this. The entire publication is jaw-dropping from start to end and harks back to the greats of vintage vogue where you got the real deal. Completely spellbound! I think this should become a coffee table book. I for one would be delighted to buy it. It’s that magnificent. We can’t thank you enough for this incredible exposure.

We have already had an enquiry from New York."  

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