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Coty Farquhar's portfolio of imagery, digital designs and artworks is a treasure trove of colourful compositions, beautiful flowers, playful creations, decorative glamour and whimsical storytelling. Many of these creations were initially crafted for the editorial pages of Styling Magazine's feature stories and exclusively designed for websites, marketing, events and styling installations and many were sold through her retail stores in the Southern Highlands in years past.

These prints possess artistic versatility and a creative flair that render them perfect for using across a diverse range of styles and interiors and are fabulously perfect for enhancing a wide variety of interior settings, ranging from private homes to public and corporate spaces, vibrant restaurants, open gallery walkways, and even serving as striking backdrops and full wall installations for retail stores, including window and product displays. 

With an unwavering dedication to capturing beauty, Coty finds inspiration everywhere...each day in her private studio, the majestic gardens she photographs, and the enchanting magic that continuously unfolds in her life's journey.