styling magazine strip



NO.5  -  APRIL 2013



As we enter a new month (can you believe it is April already and our fifth issue?), I thought it would be great to focus this issue on the elements, earth, air, fire and water- always a wonderful thing to do! The subtle language of nature. Do you listen to our planet’s heartbeat, do you hear it? Our ancestors understood the importance and sensitivity to the essence of nature, trees were treated with respect, plants were medicinal and were important for healing as well as for many things daily in their lives.
The world is changing, things are shifting every day, even the seasons are moving out of their rhythm, the late arrival of spring, and the odd blossoms on a tree in the middle of winter, (yes it’s true), prove that our understanding of nature should never be taken for granted.

Close your eyes for a minute and I want you to visualize that your sitting in the middle of Australia’s desert. Nothing but red-dirt! Listen to the silence and you will discover that there is more, there is something amidst nothing, there is an energy. An energy running underneath us through the earth known as song lines and ley-lines. We are all connected to this energy, it drives us and we see and witness this every day through the elements.

This is also the creative source that artists, designers and creators are connected to and are able to create with every single day. It’s important to do something that makes your heart sing, how easily we get trapped into that which is not important, gathering wealth and power, winning and looking good, when simply being alive is a gift to be treasured and beyond measure. Welcome the elements and the energy into your day, the breath of the winds, the power of the storms, through the roots that run deep in our past and to our future. Bless the water that comes from your tap, give thanks for the fresh air and breathe it into every cell of your body.

I welcome you all with a warm smile and with gratitude to this new issue. Thank you for being here and reading Styling magazine and to our contributors who are sharing their worlds with us, I am so grateful to accept their kindness and support. Please accept these flowers, (a perfect example of Mother Earth) from me to you for giving our new magazine an energy that I never thought was possible.