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NO.9 -  AUGUST 2013



Issue No.9 - Published 2013

Celebrating - Feminine Energy

"Feminine energy is powerful, we all want it, we need it to survive. The balance of feminine energy with masculine energy keeps our world in harmony. One does not work without the other."


  • Featured Artists - Cuzco School, Peru 

  • Setting the table for High Tea - Collectible China

  • Inspiration - Ornamentation - Textiles

  • Machu Picchu - Feminine Energy  - by Francisco Gallego

  • Babies Breath - New Born Energy

  • Sharon Santoni - Contributor - My French Country Home  -  Flowers

  • Christiane de Bièvre - Old Brussels porcelaine and manners.

  • Auctions - Online -  fabulous finds from around the world

  • Gardens - Hydrangeas in the Highlands

  • Vintage Mannequins

  •  and so much more to inspire you and your own styling and creativity!

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