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NO.7 -  JUNE 2013



Issue No.7 - Published 2013

Celebrating - Flowers from the Heart

Emersing into the centre of flowers...


  • Featured Artist: Dimitri Weber - Perfume expert home in Belgium

  • Lisa Porter shares her feelings about gardening and her links to a special hand picked group of garden gurus

  •  Pinks - the softest of colours 

  • Tablesettings - Afternoon tea under the blossoms

  • Sharon Santoni - Contributor - Shares her French Country Home  - Madam de Romilly's Château de Miserey in Normandy

  • Blossom babies and millinery flowers

  • Hand made Paper flowers - fabric flowers - vintage flowers

  • A beloved doll collection  - Lindsay Genero

  • Automaton Beauties

  • Vases - Chapeau fleurs 

  • Auctions - Online -  fabulous finds from around the world

  •  and so much more to inspire you and your own styling and creativity!

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