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NO.22  -  2015




Issue No.22 - Published 2015

Celebrating - This issue, we celebrate the magnificent and majestic crown chakra, and what an incredible subject to research! The crown chakra is the seventh chakra and it sits just above our head. So Inspiring!


  • A Kaleidoscope Kingdom 

  • Fractal Art - Cory Ench

  • Cap Crown - French and Old Brussels style bobbin lace caps

  • Natalia de Shabelsky

  • Collector extraordinary, Russian folk art and textiles

  • The Crown of Hinduism

  • The Costume Queen - Agnieszka Osipa

  • The Jewel Book of the Duchess Anna of Bavaria

  • Private Prayers - Living with Sacred Objects and Religious Art

  • A crown of Flowers - Fontange

  • A Masquerade Party 

  • Crowning Glory - Anna Pavlova

  • Books by Creative Women

  • and so much more to inspire you and your own styling and creativity!

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