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NO.24  -  2015



styling magazine strip

Issue No.24 - Published 2016

Celebrating - The Magic Power of Water


  • This issue is dedicated to Ernst Haeckel

  • The Rain Dance Bringing in the new energy

  • Styling with ice and water Illustrations - Ernst Haeckel

  • A fashion shoot in Cuba By Adrián Villeta

  • A Gentle Home

  • The new book by Brooke & Steve Giannetti

  • Hado - Messages from Water - Dr Masaru Emoto

  • Mystical Australia The Highlands in the Mist

  • Food by Sonali Ghosh Inspired by water and the wonderful Illustrations by Ernst Haeckel

  • Water Flowers - The Lotus and the Water Lily

  • Aynhoe Park - The Mecca of Styling

  • Fifi O’Neill Celebrating 30+ years of Styling

  • New Books we Love

  • “Just because they’re so beautiful” pages

  • and so much more to inspire you and your own styling and creativity!

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