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Giuseppe 'PINO' Dangelico - Romantic Brush Strokes



Artist and illustrator ‘Pino’ created exquisite works of art, that were often from memories of his childhood living in Italy with his family in the 1940‘s. His mastery of the brush, his exceptional mix of paint colours and the soft and romantic characters that he painted caught the eye of book publishers in New York. . . and ours! We salute him, and thank him for his passion that he brought into the lives of many around the world.

Giuseppe "Pino" Dangelico (1939-2010) was born in Bari, Italy. Trained at The Art Institute of Bari and later at Milan’s Academy of Brea, he perfected his skills painting nudes and figures and was heavily influenced by the Pre- Raphaelites and Macchiaioli. After establishing himself as a successful artist in his native land, Pino decided to immigrate to the United States in search of further artistic freedom and opportunity. He was soon discovered by the distinguished Borghi Gallery, which held several prestigious exhibitions of his work in New York and Boston. Pino’s early paintings, featuring soft and romantic characters, caught the attention of major book publishers Dell and Zebra Books.

We have created a special story especially for this issue on ‘Edible Flowers’ blending two of our favourite artist’s work together. ‘Pino’ (this month’s artist) and Styling Magazine’s food stylist, Sonali Ghosh. 'Pino,' renowned for his tender and romantic depictions of women in domestic settings, and Sonali, an artist with an unparalleled mastery of color blending, seem to intertwine harmoniously. As you explore the upcoming pages, I believe you'll concur with me; it's as if they were both present in the same room in 1940s Italy, capturing the allure of the same exquisite flowers with synchronicity that defies time.


This story featured in Styling Magazine Issue No. 23 - 2015