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The Compendium of Creative Treasures," envisioned and crafted by Coty Farquhar, invites you on a unique journey into your creative realm. Within this curated collection of content, each post resonates, carrying a personalised inspirational message just for you. This uniquely created compendium serves as a showcase for the many stories and articles that have graced Styling Magazine, a treasury of exceptional ideas, creative imagery and a mosaic of visionary artists. Through its eclectic content, it encapsulates the very essence of creativity in its diverse forms.

Allow your heart to guide the choice of which post you read as you navigate through these virtual pages. I hold a strong belief in the "law of attraction," where what catches your eye is meant for you, and within each discovery within this compendium, a message tailored exclusively for you awaits.


"My genuine aim and my wish is that these posts not only ignite powerful inspiration within you but also enrich your own journey, guiding you into the creative universe where you truly belong."  - Coty Farquhar


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