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FIFI O'NEILL - My beautiful and creative friend!


Issue No.24 2015



In a recent statement by a prominent website, it was noted that the field of styling has undergone a remarkable transformation, shifting from its enigmatic origins where stylists were the behind-the-scenes architects enhancing images, to becoming a sought-after and spotlighted profession. The evolution reflects the growing recognition of the pivotal role stylists play in crafting visual narratives, turning them into key storytellers who are now in high demand for their ability to curate aesthetics that resonate deeply with audiences.

It's truly wonderful to celebrate and acknowledge the remarkable work of Fifi O'Neill, a trailblazer in the world of styling.


With a career spanning over 30+ years, she has not only contributed to the visual aesthetics of countless projects but has also played a significant role in shaping the evolution of styling as a sought-after profession. Her ability to bring images to life and create captivating visual narratives is a testament to her exceptional talent and dedication.

Fifi O'Neill's journey is an inspiring example of how creativity knows no bounds, and age is merely a number when it comes to pursuing one's passion. Her continued dedication to her craft, even after celebrating her 70th birthday, is a reminder that creativity is a lifelong endeavour that only grows richer with time.See the full story in issue No.24

As she prepares to release another book, Fifi O'Neill continues to share her expertise, insights, and artistic perspective with the world. Her contributions to the field of styling have undoubtedly left an indelible mark, and her legacy serves as an inspiration to aspiring stylists and creative professionals across the globe.

Her work has illuminated the beauty in everyday scenes, transforming the mundane into the extraordinary. Let us celebrate not only her creative genius but also her kindness, which has undoubtedly touched the lives of those she's worked with.

Fifi O'Neill's journey showcases the enduring power of creativity, the boundless possibilities of artistic expression, and the impact that one dedicated individual can have on an entire industry. Here's to celebrating the timeless elegance of her work and the vibrant spirit that continues to fuel her creative journey. Happy Birthday darling Fifi!


The above story was featured in ...Styling Magazine No.24 2015