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Issue No.24 2015



Welcome to the new issue of Styling Magazine... an issue celebrating the beauty of water.

This new issue is an homage to something incredibly precious: water – the life force that sustains us all. It's the most valuable treasure on this planet, for without it, our existence would be naught. As I pondered the essence of water, one name emerged – Ernst Haeckel, the remarkable German biologist, naturalist, philosopher, and artist. It is to him and his extraordinary depictions of the artistry within nature that I dedicate this issue, aptly named 'Water.' His illustrations serve as a bridge between science and art, a testament to the intricate beauty that flows through the world around us.

A single droplet of water holds within it the power to spark creation – a truly enchanting and profoundly creative substance on our planet. Throughout history, artists, writers, and poets have drawn inspiration from the myriad facets of water – from serene lakes to tumultuous oceans, from clear ponds to rain-soaked skies. In a mere pool of water, a world of movement, reflection, and a kaleidoscope of colours unfolds.

What's remarkable is that no two droplets are alike; each holds a unique identity, much like every individual among us. This extraordinary diversity mirrors the boundless creativity that resides within the tapestry of life itself.

This issue is dedicated to Ernst Haeckel

The Rain Dance

Bringing in the new energy

Styling with ice and water - Illustrations - Ernst Haeckel

A fashion shoot in Cuba, by Adrian Viletta

A Gentle Home

The new book by Brooke & Steve Giannetti

Hado - Messages from Water

Dr Masaru Emoto

Mystical Australia

The Highlands in the Mist

Food by Sonali Ghosh

Inspired by water and the wonderful

Illustrations by Ernst Haeckel

Water Flowers - The Lotus and the Water Lily

Aynhoe Park - The Mecca of Styling

Fifi O’Neill Celebrating 30+ years of Styling

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