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Diego Pernia - Argentinian Film Director

Issue No.4 March - April 2013

Celebrating the Heart Chakra, the colour Green and Mother Earth and all her beauty.


Artist of the issue - Diego Pernia

Celebrating the incredible and creative work of Film Director Diego Pernia

The moment my eyes beheld the awe-inspiring work of Diego Pernia, my heart skipped a beat. I found myself longing to know more about this brilliant artist who effortlessly captured my attention. His expressive creations, his profound connection with energy, his collaborations with majestic animals, and his unparalleled understanding of the rhythm of our planet—it was a combination that surpassed all expectations of beauty and imagination.

One particular project that left me breathless was the series of advertisements Diego Pernia and his team of professionals crafted for Televisa during Mexico's Bicentennial celebration in 2010. Each piece was a masterpiece in its own right, evoking a sense of wonder and admiration. There were ten advertisements in total, each one meticulously designed to reflect Mexico's natural splendour and rich cultural heritage. Their purpose was to share this exquisite beauty with the world, and they accomplished it with breathtaking precision.

Styling magazine proudly honours the exceptional work of Diego Pernia, and within the pages that follow, we have carefully curated a selection of his creations for you to savour. Though we have only scratched the surface of his remarkable portfolio, the few examples we present encapsulate the essence of his talent. It is no exaggeration to say that an entire magazine could easily be dedicated to his astounding body of work.



The above pages featured in ...Styling Magazine No.4 March 2013